What we do

Meepo Capital is an active investor in the blockchain space since 2016 with a portfolio spanning supply chains, finance, green energy, artificial intelligence and blockchain platform and protocols.
We invest in inspiring, ambitious blockchain projects with big ideas to build disruptive technology that move the world forward.
Our goal is to identify the most promising projects and ideas with the vision, drive and business potential to change the world in a way never seen before. Once selected we will help those projects realize their dreams by providing capital to fuel growth. Typically we like to invest in startups that have already a working product at the time of investment.

Blockchain technology is going to revolutionize the way our society is organized and enable individual financial freedom, which will in turn unlock a boom of creativity never seen before.

Meepo Capital contributes $500k-$10M promising projects related to blockchain technology and crypto assets.

The Team

We see opportunity where others don't.
Cherryl Bensolan
founder & ceo
Tyler Davis
Managing Partner
Vinny Lao
Director of Trading
Lucas Barbosa
Senior Associate

Our portfolio, our pride and joy

Blockchain projects that pushes the edge of what’s possible
ocean exchange
Bitmax exchange
Harmony blockchain
Quarkchain Blockchain
Ontology Blockchain

Let's talk

If you’d like to discuss funding for your blockchain startup or if you have any other questions we’d love to hear from you.